List of Birthstones






January Garnet Garnet
February Amethyst Amethyst
March Aquamarine Bloodstone
April Diamond Diamond
May Emerald Emerald
June Alexandrite Pearl
July Ruby Ruby
August Peridot Sardonyx
September Sapphire Sapphire
October Rose Zircon Tourmaline or Opal
November Citrine Topaz
December Blue Zircon Turquoise or Lapis

Early in this century jewelers got together and created a new list of birthstones. In the modern list you will find only transparent gems.

Another interesting point is the addition of alexandrite. This is an incredibly rare gem and not readily available.

The ancient list is still used considerably. Many people mix the two as they feel best. This is acceptable, the modern list has not replaced the ancient one, but supplemented it.

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