Wedding Rings

Today the wedding ring is usually given as part of the ceremony to act as a symbol of banding commitment a husband and wife make to each other.

Some of the oldest records of wedding rings date back to Egypt some 4900 years ago!!! The circle of metal was said to represent eternal love. However traditionally was worn by the wife.

In Roman times the  band was made out of iron and was said to represent strength.  Now a day in many countries the majority of married men also wear a wedding band to demonstrate their fidelity and commitment.

In the UK and America wedding rings are worn on left hand in many countries around the world such as: Spain, Germany, Norway, Poland and Argentina the ring is worn on the right hand.

Wedding Rings are carefully handcrafted to match every bride’s unique style and personality. From classic to contemporary to specially fitted bands. I only use materials that have been ethically sourced, and eco friendly gold and silver. Explore our selection for men and women.

Handcrafted upon request

The shaped wedding rings are specially designed to sit comfortably next to your engagement ring

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