Ring Sizing Chart

Use this chart to convert your local standard to the familiar ring sizes for ordering [...]

Jewellery Maintenance

All jewellery should be cleaned periodically. Ensure that pieces are repaired using the appropriate materials. [...]


The art of goldsmithing was widespread in the first third of the 19th Century, when the techniques of combining different colours of gold and carved designs were perfected for use in seals and snuff boxes. [...]


Silver has been used for jewellery since ancient times and is mined all over the world. It was widely used in the late 18th Century for setting diamonds because its white colour complimented the colourless stones better than gold. [...]


Platinum was discovered by Europeans in the mid-18th Century in South America, although it was not used commercially for jewellery until the very end of the 19th Century. [...]


In identifying different gemstones we look firstly at their colour, hardness, lustre, dispersion and brilliance. [...]